Family House is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization led by a professional staff and board of directors dedicated to providing compassionate residential services to qualifying families free from financial concerns. Family House is hiring! View the job description for Hospitality Services Coordinator.

Alexandra E. Morgan, CEO

Jessica Creager, Chief Administrative Officer

Contact: or (415) 502-7217

Christopher Smith, Interim Chief Operating Officer

Karen Banks, Director of Volunteer Programs

John Barrett, Director of Facilities

Rosa Barrett, Administrator

Joe Blodgett, IT Manager

Alison Blom, Development Associate

Fidel Campos, Housekeeper

Contact: (415) 476-8321

Luis Chamale, Housekeeper

Contact: (415) 476-8321

Allyse Culcasi, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Tarence Dixon, Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Eastland, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Flores, Housekeeper

Contact: (415) 476-8321

Paul Goold, Director of Family Services

Araceli Guerrero Zanco, Housekeeper

Contact: (415) 476-8321

Jon Hodo, Hospitality Services Manager

Jeanine Homich, Office Manager

Joey Kotfica, Marketing Manager

Luis Kuuk, Housekeeper

Contact: (415) 476-8321

Anna Lark, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Ung Ly, Maintenance Supervisor

Monica Rodriguez, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Tyler Scurr, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Elan Slavin, Family Services Coordinator

Beryl Velasco, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Sarah Yaeger, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Open Positions

Want to join the Family House team? View the job description for Hospitality Services Coordinator.