The Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) is a group of diverse and passionate leaders who build awareness of Family House as a place of hope. Through fundraising and volunteering, YPAC engages the community and actively supports Family House’s mission to serve as a family centered home away from home to families of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

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Young Professionals Advisory Council Members

Josh Bazinet – Co-Chair, Family House YPAC; Nibbi Brothers Construction
Geena Haney – Co-Chair, Family House YPAC; Triage Consulting Group

Ryan Beaton – KPFF
Emily Bussiere
– Genentech
Jenna Cowen
– Triage Consulting Group
Sarah Eden
– Firewood Marketing
Mari Fuez
Emma DiFilippo
– Triage Consulting Group
Katie Doherty
– Runway
Alia Dudum
– Grayling
Kira Feuz
– Nibbi Brothers Associates
Eric Gerhardinger
– Financial Services
Naomi Hatanaka
– Deloitte Consulting
Dana Hollins
– Cardno ChemRisk, LLC
Emily Houghton
– SuccessFactors
Kate Jordan
– Tacolicious
Kate Marchetti
– BNY Mellon
Grace Marlin – Triage Consulting Group
Natalie McGuire
– Private Medical
Lindy Meeker
– Funder’s Club

Montana Morris – UCSF
Samantha Norton
– Triage Consulting Group
Chisom Odoemene
– Farallon Capital Management
Lexie Perrella
– Farallon Capital Management
Paul Perrino, CFA
– Grubman Wealth Management
Matt Schroyer
– Triage Consulting Group
Natalee Shean
– Lattice Strategies LLC
Monika Smith
– Farallon Capital Management
Sarina Somera
– Empower Gym
Owen Somerfield
– Triage Consulting Group
Patrick Symmonds
– Health Advances
Taylor Talcott
– Triage Consulting Group
Elizabeth Taistra
– BMO Capital Markets
Nicholas Turner
– Nibbi Brothers Construction
Julie VanderMeer, PhD
– UCSF School of Medicine
Kelsey VanHook
– Triage Consulting Group
Max Whitmeyer
– Triage Consulting Group

Want to get involved? Please fill out this form, and our YPAC Chair will get right back to you! If you have questions, please  email Alison Blom, Family House Development Associate at ablom@familyhouseinc.org.