23rd Annual Cabernet for Connoisseurs

23rd Annual Cabernet for Connoisseurs

23rd Annual Wine Tasting, Dinner, and Auction

March 17, 2018

The St. Regis Hotel San Francisco

Event Co-Chairs: Scott Miller and Jeff Smith

Event Committee: Carolyn Duryea, Steve Goldfarb, Susie Heller, Kimberly Jones, Lorcan Kearney, John Kugler, Adriel Lares, Kim Murphy, Bob Nibbi, Bill Shea, Dan Toney, Alex Virgilio, Spencer Wang, Faith Wheeler, Michelle Yoshinaka, Debbie Zachareas

Thank you to our Lead Sponsors: The Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation & Pamela and George Hamel, Jr.

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2018 Vintners

* Indicated vintners generously donated to the live auction, but did not pour at the event.Thank you for supporting Family House!