Dropbox Social Impact Pairs Volunteering and Purpose

by Tina Lee, Head of Social Impact, Dropbox

Published on April 20, 2021

Dropbox started our partnership with Family House San Francisco a few years ago when some employees volunteered at Family House and came back with such a positive experience. So we kept going back! Family House has such an incredible mission that we wanted to find out how we can do more for the organization and the community it serves. When Dropbox moved its headquarters to the Mission Bay neighborhood in late 2019, we wanted to ensure we set roots in the community and support the nonprofit organizations around us.

I attended my first Family House event when my team and I volunteered at their Bentley K-PAX Race Car dinner party where we interacted with the many of the children and their families that stayed at Family House. We had fun carnival games, sat in race cars, and had a pizza party! The children were so happy and it was really fun to get a glimpse of that joy. 

Since that event, we’ve had multiple teams at Dropbox volunteer at Family House – whether it’s volunteering during their breakfast runs, throwing a Halloween party for the children or putting together a toy drive, our employees really enjoyed giving back to the families and communities through service. We also invited Family House’s CEO Alexandra Morgan to speak at one of our company talks and it was great for employees to see who our new community neighbors were such as Family House, 826 Valencia, and UCSF Benioff’s Children’s Hospital.

Members of Dropbox’s Social Impact team at Family House

As a Social Impact team, our role is to leverage our resources and how we could make an impact through our time, employees, product, and equity. Each employee gets 32 hours of volunteering time off and we highly encourage employees to participate! By deepening our partnerships like Family House through trust, we want the nonprofit and community to know we are here to support. 

Volunteers play a pivotal role in the success of our mission at Family House, by assisting our staff in providing a safe and comfortable home for families in crisis. We rely on over 5,000 volunteers per year and due to the pandemic nearly all volunteering has been halted. Find out more about how you can help support our families. 

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If you have questions about Volunteering at Family House, contact Chief Community Engagement Officer Karen Banks at kbanks@familyhouseinc.org or (415) 502-5659.