Employee Spotlight: Three things to know about Diana

by Arleen Bandarrae

Published on April 10, 2023

Diana Hugging a Mom

#1. She’s All in for Moms
Diana has a soft spot in her heart for moms.

She knows what it’s like. Trips to the ER with her son Nathan when he was little and his asthma was really bad, have taught her firsthand how important it is to be strong for your child.

“Children see what you feel,” said Diana.

At the front desk, Diana takes advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with mothers and bond with their children to offer kindness and support to our families.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” is her motto and something she reminds moms of a lot during the day.

Diana with Kids

#2. “Excel Girl”
If Diana was a superhero, she’d be “Excel Girl!”

“I love an excel spreadsheet!” she exclaims.

Diana is super organized and believes organization is key to facilitating great communication among her hospitality services team. She proactively keeps her eyes and ears open for what’s needed. Her ability to tune into the needs of others has cemented her role as a go-to resource for families and teammates alike.

#3. Make it a Grande Soy Milk White Mocha!
At the start of her career, Diana worked behind the barista bar at Starbucks, and a Grande Soy Milk White Mocha continues to be her favorite treat to this day. Luckily, Starbucks is right across the street from Family House.

Diana began working at Family House in November of 2020. Previously, she held positions as a patient services manager at Sutter Health. Feeling heard is what has kept her passionate and engaged in growth during her two and half years at Family House, and we feel very lucky to have her!

Photo of Diana in the Family House courtyard