Activity: Thank You Cards for Health Care Workers

by Family House Family Services Committee

Published on January 13, 2022

The last two years have been incredibly hard for everyone around the world. Every one at Family House has been deeply affected by the pandemic and we are extremely grateful to the health care workers who have gone out of their way to take care of us.

January Activity at Family House

For this month’s activity, we are making thank you notes so we can show our gratitude and appreciation to the health care workers around us. Lets begin!

Things You Will Need

To make your thank you card, gather the following:

  1. Colored construction paper
  2. Glue Stick
  3. Colored Pens
  4. Stickers

Lets Make Our Thank You Card

We have attached ‘SuperHero in Scrubs’ and some other stickers so you can print these and add to your card. Now that we have all the things we need, its time to make our card.

  1. Start by folding the colored construction paper in half. This will become your note card.
  2. Using the glue stick, paste the SuperHero in Scrubs to the front of your note card.
  3. Now, on top of the SuperHero in Scrubs cutout, write the name of the health care worker for whom you are making this card.
  4. On the inside of the card, write whatever you would like to thank your health care worker. Maybe tell them how they have helped you or how much you appreciate their efforts.
  5. Now, take the stickers and place them wherever you like on the card.
  6. Its time to sign your name and deliver the card to your health care worker.

You will make the day of the person who will receive your card and read the thoughtful message inside it. So, have fun creating your card and spread love and gratitude to the health care workers around you.

With love, The Family House Family Services Committee