Food filled with Love

Published on July 8, 2011

Hank and Ashley Stull: Their baby, Lorenzo, was born with CDH. Consequently he did not develop a diaphragm so his lungs began to grow up into his chest cavity. He passed away shortly after their arrival to FH. Hank and Ashley decided to donate his heart with the hope of saving another child’s life, and they allowed doctors to perform an autopsy which would help them prevent and treat future cases of CDH. Though Hank and Ashley’s story is heartbreaking, their strength inspiring. During their stay, Hank shared his passion for food and cooking with us, and he and Ashley created a fantastic meal for the staff at 10th Avenue to say ‘thank you’. Over dinner, they shared with us their experiences and how those experiences brought them together as a family and allowed them to create special friendships with those around them, even those who they knew a very short time. They know that Lorenzo’s life, while short, will help save the lives of many children. As they left, we promised to visit Hank’s restaurant once he opens it.