Happy Valentine’s Day from Family House

by Susie Heller, Family Services Committee Member

Published on February 2, 2021

Did you know that Family House San Francisco has a Family Services Committee? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! Those of us on the Committee are always thinking of ways to make life at Family House for our families and their children as enjoyable as possible while their child undergoes treatment, including this valentines activity!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Family House can’t have the 4,000+ annual volunteers coming in to the House as they have in the past, so we are now thinking “outside the box” and coming up with ideas that can be done in the bedrooms at Family House or even at the hospital.

valentines day card made out of construction paper cutout hearts in purple, red, and pink, with a marker drawn green stems to make a heart bouquet card

valentines day card made out of construction paper cutout hearts in purple, red, and pink, with a marker drawn green stems to make a heart bouquet card

Our Committee thought that a fun way to engage our families would be to create activities for each month of the year.

February is all about Valentine’s Day on February 14. It is a celebration of love, loving your family, your friends, your pets, and always loving yourself and remembering how special you are.

The heart is a symbol of this special day and we thought it would be fun for you to make your own Valentine Day bouquets.

You can hang them on your wall or give them to someone you love. Inside your activity bag, you will find construction paper, glue sticks, stickers, ribbon, marking pens, kid-friendly scissors, various decorations, and some sweet treats. We have many people on our Committee so the contents of each bag may be a little bit different! We’ve attached the instructions for making this colorful bouquet!

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Here’s how you do it!

  1. First, download the pdf of the template if you wish. You can download the template and a list of instructions ­here.picture of scissors and colored construction paper cut outs into hearts in red, purple, white, and pink for valentines day
  2. Cut different size squares from the large pieces of construction paper. Fold each square in half. Cut on the folded edge of the paper (as in the photo). Make the hearts small enough to be able to fit lots of them in your bouquet. You will be able to overlap them, so make lots ofhearts!
  3. It’s time to decorate the hearts. You can use markers to make designs. You can even put on stickers or write names or messages on the hearts.
  4. You can turn the hearts into a picture or a card. Use a light or white piece of construction paper as the background for a picture, or If you want to make a card, fold the paper in half. With a green marker (or a crayon) draw some flower stems that overlap and meet in the middle. If you have made a card, you can write a message or draw a picture inside the card.
  5. Now it’s time to add the paper hearts. Attach each heart with a small dot of glue in the center. Continue gluing on the hearts and letting them overlap for a full heart bouquet.
  6. Finally, tie a piece of ribbon into a small bow and glue it to the drawn stems. Give your bouquet to someone special or keep it for yourself (after all, you are special!).