Quotes from families about Family House

Published on July 29, 2011

“It’s a place where everyone’s going through the same thing. You should see the chiildren coming to Family House after being outside: first thing, they throw off their hats or wigs. being bald in this house is no big deal.”
“You make special friends here, and I’ll really miss everyone when we go home. I’ve made some discoveries of my own since I’ve been here. It’s the little everyday things that count in my life. The great big events don’t happen very often, and most of them are overated anyway. Fresh flowers on the table, walking on the beach on a sunny day with these children-it’s little daily things like this that are important.” 
“We were amazed and relieved to find a place like this. The staff was friendly and the facility was nice and clean with all the needs we could think of. There are many occasions when we just stop and think of how much of a blessing it has been to have Family House available.”