Room Refresh 2024

by Family House

Published on July 1, 2024

Our rooms got a few major upgrades in June! All 81 rooms were outfitted with new nightstands and lamps, complete with easy-to-access outlets and plenty of storage space.

The window seat cushions were also replaced with more durable, comfy cushions that can double as a bed.

Last but not least, each room now has a sleeper chair that can also double as a bed. This upgrade was highly requested by our families, and will come in handy for new moms with a little one, a sibling who needs an extra bed, or a child in recovery. We’re grateful to be able to provide these upgrades, thanks to our ongoing Funds for the Future campaign, and our generous community who has contributed to the growth of our building and provided families with comfort and sanctuary for years to come.

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