Sarah Baty’s Story

Published on June 13, 2011

When Sarah Baty was two and a half years old, her mom, Shannon (four months pregnant with Sarah’s sister, Stella) noticed Sarah’s eye winked strangely one day. A tumor had exploded in her eye, and she was quickly diagnosed with unilateral rentinoblastoma in one eye. Today, Sarah is a healthy 11 year-old, and Stella is 8. Thanks to her doctors and Family House, Sarah received the best possible treatment available, including chemotherapy which is only required in 1% of all children diagnosed with this terrible form of cancer. According to the Batys, treatment at UCSF would have been impossible without Family House, where they had a free, temporary home, food, friends, “and the house had its arms around us.” The Batys and the Family House community have created a bond that will never go away.