Employee Spotlight: Meet Jesus “PJ” Nuñez-Jirgl, Hospitality Services Supervisor

by Arleen Bandarrae

Published on August 10, 2023

When you enter the door at Family House, you’re likely to encounter PJ at the front desk. He’s got a broad smile, an infectious laugh, a caring heart, a listening ear, and a magical way of making you feel welcome, seen, and heard!

“I’m just being myself,” said PJ.

His superhero skill is empathy. He knows when you’ve had a bad day, and he doesn’t hesitate to offer words of encouragement. “You are enough,” PJ often reminds you.

PJ has been with the Family House Hospitality team for nearly three years. He started as a coordinator and has grown into the role of hospitality supervisor. “In addition to caring and assisting families, I also care for and support the front desk staff now,” said PJ.

When he’s not at work, he produces music, tends to his four dogs (a Great Dane, two Pit Bulls and a Husky!), runs his own non-profit with his husband, and enjoys playing flag football.

His favorite lunch is a home-cooked meal, but if he eats out, he opts for a carnitas burrito—no beans—from the best burrito spot in the city, El Farolitos.