Summer BBQ

Published on June 28, 2011

Last friday was a beautiful summer day, and here at Family House we celebrated by throwing a BBQ for all of our families. A group of thirteen volunteers from Salesforce came in to help us put on the BBQ their company sponsered. They brought with them a positive attitude ready to be put to work, and a number of fun activities for the kids to play. There was face painting, basketball, bouncy balling creations, a beading station, and a mural project all going on throughout the afternoon. 

It is always hard when planing events for the families with volunteers just because all of our families have such different and busy schedules that are completely dependent on their appointment times and the hospital’s availability. This past friday though we had an amazing turn out as multiple families were able to show up to the BBQ and enjoy the Hotdogs and Hamburgers grilled by our Volunteer Grillmaster Paul.
It was a fun filled afternoon in which the volunteers and families got to talk and play, and forget about any of the normal worries that fill their days. We always try to encourage our families and volunteers to intermingle and talk because it helps build a community of support for the families as they are all going through simirlarly difficult and trying times.
Here at Family House we want to be more then just a place to stay, we want to be a becon in the dark, a community anyone can turn to for love and support. Celebrating a Sunny Summer day with a BBQ and friends and family is just one more way Family House tries to go the extra mile.