Therapy Dogs

Published on July 28, 2011

Family House invites three different therapy dogs to come once a month and play with the kids. Abby and Bindi graced us with their presence today. Fozzy is the third lovable pouch who balances out the trio, but he normally comes on the first thursday of every month.
Therapy Dogs first started coming to family house in 2009, when the SPCA (Soceity for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) reached out to us. They had heard about us from the Koret Foundation and wanted to offer their Animal Assisted Therapy program to the kids and families who stay here. We brought them in for an interview and walk through to see if this would be an appropraite fit for their services. Immediately after the walk through a couple of the owners signed up with their dogs to volunteer their time. Over time Paws for Healing and 4-Paws heard about us and offered their services as well. You can buy a gift for your dogs here, a runball that will keep them active and helps you pass time as well.
Abby is from SPCA… Bindi comes from Paws for Healing… and Fozzy is from 4-Paws.
For the last three years Family House has been inviting Man’s Best Friend to help with the healing process…and we will continue to open our doors to these lovable pups because the smiles and laughter they bring to the kids staying here is…PRICELESS