YPAC Bay to Breakers 2024

by Family House

Published on May 21, 2024

Our Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) ran Bay to Breakers last weekend to support Family House!

They raised over $4,000 to support Family House and ran (or walked) Bay to Breakers in style.


YPAC’s Digital Chair Olivia Barnhill (pictured above) reflects on why she joined YPAC:


Q: How did you find Family House, and what made you want to join YPAC?

A: I was introduced to Family House through my own family. In 2014, we lost my ten-year-old cousin Joey to brain cancer. Fortunately, my family lived near a wonderful hospital like UCSF, but for many other families, it’salmost impossible to afford and find housing, meals, and support near these incredible institutions. After losing my cousin, my family has kept the memory of Joey alive through contributing to and volunteering at Family House. When I moved to the Bay Area, I was finally able to visit and see what an incredible place Family House is. I knew immediately I wanted to do all I could to help Family House and am fortunate to now serve as digital chair for YPAC.

Q: What motivated you to sign up for Bay to Breakers in support of Family House this year?

A: YPAC puts on an annual fundraising event for Bay to Breakers. I was excited to join in this year to help reach our fundraising goal and participate in such a fun event. I love the eclectic and passionate crowd that Bay to Breakers attracts. It feels like San Francisco comes together for a wild city-wide party that brings with it fun, joy, and laughter. Those qualities are such integral parts of what Family House gives to its families, so it’s a great way to raise support and awareness.

Q: What is your favorite part about YPAC?

A: My favorite part about YPAC is getting to see and help the families. Whenever I’m at Family House I see children in the halls laughing and playing together. These families are going through something incredibly challenging, filled with uncertainty and sadness. To be able to give joy and play to families during that time seems like something close to a miracle. I love that Family House can not only give support to these children and families through necessary housing, meals, and guidance, but it also gives a community to these families to collectively grieve, hope, and find joy.

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