The Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) is a group of diverse and passionate leaders who build awareness of Family House as a place of hope. Through fundraising and volunteering, YPAC engages the community and actively supports Family House’s mission to serve as a family centered home away from home to families of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Join the Family House YPAC and help make a difference in the lives of families with children battling life-threatening illnesses.

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Young Professionals Advisory Council Members

Eric Gerhardinger – Chair, Family House YPAC; BankSight

Anne Marie Barber – Triage Consulting Group
Ryan Beaton – KPFF
Josh Brower – Google
Emily Bussiere – Genentech
Dan Casey – Apex Systems
Sarah Eden – Firewood Marketing
Katie Doherty – Runway
Fintan Doyle – Triage Consulting Group
Alia Dudum – Lending Club
Kira Feuz – Nibbi Brothers, Inc.
Amy Gonser – Triage Consulting Group
Olivia Hodgkiss – UCSF Health
Emily Houghton – Legarza Sports
Annie Jones – San Francisco Giants
Elizabeth Lenczowski- Parthenon- EY
Kate Marchetti – BNY Mellon
Nitisha Mehta – Triage Consulting Group
Alyssa Maitoza – San Francisco Giants
Adelaide Minerva – UCSF Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease
Anuj Patel – Analysist Group Inc.
Lexie Perrella – Farallon Capital Management
Malavika Shankar – Triage Consulting Group
Natalee Shean – Blackrock
Rebecca Simonson – Sonoma Clean Power
Sarina Somera – ADP
Owen Somerfield – Triage Consulting Group
Jackson Steinberg – Triage Consulting Group
Elizabeth Taistra – Tribe Dynamics
Kelly Tamura – Triage Consulting Group
Wesley Tsang – Triage Consulting Group
Julie VanderMeer, PhD – UCSF School of Medicine
Kelsey VanHook – Bioventus
Max Whitmeyer – Triage Consulting Group
Zoie Wolfe – Triage Consulting Group

Want to get involved? Please fill out this form, and our YPAC Chair will get right back to you! If you have questions, please  email Alison Blom, Family House Events Manager at ablom@familyhouseinc.org.