Edwin is a Ray of Sunshine

by Arleen Bandarrae

Published on May 18, 2023

Photo of Edwin, a Family House volunteer

“If I can provide smiles and laughter, to help a kid forget that they are sick for just a moment, then I know I’ve succeeded,” Edwin exclaimed.

Edwin is an incredibly passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic volunteer. He’s been fostering community at Family House for almost 10 years through an organization called Project Sunshine, which is dedicated to delivering the healing power of play to children with medical needs.

“I’m lucky to be part of the Project Sunshine and Family House team,” said Edwin, who is a Project Sunshine chapter leader and volunteer.

He believes every event is a new day. And each event here at Family House offers him the opportunity to make a genuine connection, build trust, and have fun. For Edwin, the best part of volunteering is listening—enabling kids, siblings, and caregivers to open up and feel supported by a warm, welcoming, and caring community. Often, this connection is built through conversation over a variety of seasonal arts and crafts activities.

“What really tugs at my heart is when the kids and parents ask when we are coming back,” noted Edwin. “It’s great to hear, to feel that positive energy that comes from being wanted and supported.”

Photo of Edwin, a Family House volunteer

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