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Fozzy's Toy Room

When a child and their family are confronted with a life-threatening illness, their world is turned upside down. The seriousness of their condition requires them to leave their home and everything that’s familiar.

When a family first arrives at Family House, they are taken on a tour of the house, and the first stop is Fozzy’s Toy Room. There, the child and siblings may choose any toy they would like. There are books, puzzles, games, stuffed animals, and more – something for children of all ages. The kids’ eyes just light up when they first go into the room, and the initial stress they feel being in a new environment melts away. They leave the room smiling.

Family House is supported entirely through the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations, and receives no public support. We anticipate an ongoing need for 4,000 toys each year to stock Fozzy’s Toy Room. The benefit of your donation is that it will directly help our families through one of the hardest times in their lives. Fozzy’s Toy Room gives children something positive to look forward to upon their arrival to Family House.

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Please click here to purchase items from our wish list, or you may send toys directly to Family House (Family House – Fozzy’s Toy Room, 540 Mission Bay Blvd., North, San Francisco, CA 94158). We welcome new gifts for children of any age, including trucks, Legos, dolls, board games, playsets, baby gifts, gift cards for teen patients, makeup, movie tickets, coloring books, STEM toys, remote control cars, etc. If you have any questions please contact  Karen Banks at (415)502-5659 or All donations to Family House are tax-deductible.

About Fozzy


Named for a regular therapy dog visitor to Family House, Fozzy was a rescued lab-airedale-terrier mix, and she formed such close bonds with the children that medical appointments were often scheduled around her visits!  The Toy Room is named after Fozzy not only because of her love of toys (stuffed or otherwise), but for her love of visiting the families at Family House.