Volunteer leaders

Volunteer leader

Volunteer Leaders are ambassadors for Family House. Together with Family House staff, Volunteer Leaders manage every aspect of volunteer supported activities. This includes Project Management and follow-up with our volunteer groups. Volunteer Leaders are expected to: 

  • Commit to acting as a liaison between Family House, volunteers, and a project manager by serving as a Volunteer Leader on a recurring project for at least three months. 
  • Communicate with both volunteers and staff on a regular basis in order to give proper instruction of the project needs. 
  • Assist with volunteer management and be available for activities on weekday evenings and/or scheduled weekend activities. 
  • Supervise and assist volunteers while onsite, Including orientation assistance, volunteer check‐in, and wrap up of projects. 
  • Report volunteer attendance and feedback about the projects to Family House staff. 
  • Stay in regular contact with Family House staff. Notify Family House with any changes in project (cancellation, change of date, change in contact information, etc.) on the day of the project. 
  • Follow all Family House guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Qualification & Requirements: 

  • Volunteer Leaders are committed to our mission and agree to be ambassadors for Family House. 
  • Volunteer Leaders are able to communicate effectively and possess good interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and leadership qualities. 
  • Volunteer Leaders are resourceful and have a positive attitude. 
  • Volunteer Leaders demonstrate an ability to manage others and perform effectively in a changing environment. 
  • Volunteer Leaders have the ability to work successfully with a variety of people including patients, parents, board, staff, neighbors, and funders. Ability to develop relationships that inspire confidence, trust, and respect while at Family House. Ability to be a team player. 
  • All new Volunteer Leaders must attend a 2 hour training session run by Family House staff. Some projects may require additional training. 
  • Volunteer Leaders will be responsible for writing one reflection piece during each month of service for a total of 3 written accounts. With the approval of the volunteer reflection pieces could be used on the Family House blog site.

To apply to become a Volunteer Leader, please fill out the volunteer application.