Individual / weekly volunteering

As our communities respond to the rapidly evolving situation related to COVID-19, Family House is committed to supporting all efforts to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our families. We have instituted new visitor restrictions, canceled all volunteer shifts and activities and increased deep cleaning throughout the house.

Although we continue to house 80 families each evening, Family House is already facing a significant drop in volunteer-organized resources, such as pantry items, meals and activities, and we need your help.

Please consider donating to Family House to allow us to continue feeding, housing, and supporting families during this uncertain time. Donations will help us cover the cost of our daily breakfast, fill pantries, and allow us to order food so our immune compromised families do not have to go to grocery stores or other high-risk areas.

To order food to be delivered from open restaurants that have partnered with Family House, please email Karen Banks at

Individual volunteer supporting the Family Breakfast program

We request a 3-month commitment for a regular shift working in the house or the office. Opportunities include:

  • Meal support – breakfast or dinners
  • Office assistance
  • Special talent volunteers – therapy dogs, entertainers, yoga, massage therapy, etc.
  • Have an idea not listed above? Email us!

Breakfast program

If you are looking to begin volunteering right away, we have a great opportunity — the Family Breakfast program. We have found meals are the second most important service we can offer our families after housing. We offer 7 breakfast meals per week. The breakfast shift for volunteers is from 8am-10am. To learn more, please contact Volunteer Program Manager Tarence Dixon at

Service learning students

We welcome Service Learning students from the University of San Francisco, City College, and other Bay Area schools. We work with students to ensure the required number of service hours is completed to fulfill your education requirement.

Depending on your areas of interest and your schedule, you will be paired with Family House staff members to maximize your time and help us fulfill our mission. Projects may include:

  • Meal program setup/breakdown
  • Data entry
  • Donor recognition support
  • Supporting the Volunteer Program as a Volunteer Leader

To get started, please fill out the volunteer application. If you are volunteering for course credit, we will contact you directly. If you do not hear from us, please email Volunteer Program Manager Tarence Dixon at

If you are interested in the Summer High School Volunteer Program, click here for program details.

Volunteer leaders

Volunteer Leaders are ambassadors for Family House. Together with Family House staff, Volunteer Leaders manage every aspect of volunteer supported activities. This includes Project Management and follow-up with our volunteer groups, and more. Click here for program details.

Host a collection drive

Make a difference for the families staying with us by collecting items that will make their time in San Francisco better, including pantry food items, gift cards, art supplies, or toys. Click here for details, including links to our wishlists.

Donate professional services

If you have a skill or expertise that you would like to contribute to Family House, such as general contracting services, plumbing, handy-man work, and computer support and repair, please contact Chief Community Engagement Officer Karen Banks at or (415) 502-5659.

Steps to volunteering

Fill out the Volunteer ApplicationAttend an Information SessionBackground check and TB testStart volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Family House. If you have questions, you can contact Volunteer Program Manager Tarence Dixon at or (415) 514-6663.