Young Professionals Advisory Council

Family House Young Professionals Advisory Council

The Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) is a group of diverse and passionate leaders who build awareness of Family House as a place of hope. Through fundraising and volunteering, YPAC engages the community and actively supports Family House’s mission to serve as a family centered home away from home to families of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Join the Family House YPAC and help make a difference in the lives of families with children battling life-threatening illnesses.

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Young Professionals Advisory Council Members

Leadership Committee

Amy Gonser – Chair, Family House YPAC; Hinge Health
Jackson Steinberg – Oura Ring; Outgoing Chair, Social Chair
Kelly Tamura – Cloudmed; Vice Chair
Savannah Ryder – City of Sausalito; Secretary
Sarina Somera – ADP; Volunteer Chair
Josh Kim – GI Partners; Volunteer Vice Chair
Adil Charki – Golden State Warriors; Digital Chair
Wen Cong Toh – Cloudmed; Membership Chair
Owen Somerfeld – Big Health; Membership Vice Chair
Siena Orlick – Cloudmed; Event Marketing Chair, Brewtastic Bash Chair
Dan Casey – Apex Systems; Partnerships Chair
Alyssa Maitoza – San Francisco Giants; Partnerships Vice Chair, Social Vice Chair
Fiona Kirkpatrick – Salesforce; Social Media Chair
Emily Bussiere – Genentech; Bay to Breakers Chair

Miguel Agreda – Deloitte
Anne Marie Barber – Cloudmed
Katelyn Bechler – Genentech
Christen Bertain – Cloudmed
Brittany Bettencourt – San Francisco Giants
Shawna Brown – Linkedin
Vica Bugrimenko – Adobe
JP Chenevey – Cloudmed
James Conway – Cloudmed
Matt Cook – Cloudmed
Joseph De Los Santos – Blue Shield of California
Nicole DiCenso – Okta
Fintan Doyle – Cloudmed
Kenneth Evans – Cloudmed
Milea Fagar – Kilroy Realty
Eric Gerhardinger – Hippo Insurance
Olivia Hodgkiss – UCSF Health
Elayne Hovsmith – Anomali
Cassie Huang – Salesforce
Annie Jones – TripActions
Aurora Kasten – Common Sense
Elise Legallet – Cloudmed
Molly Linder – Cloudmed
Kyle Maudlin – Sony/Playstation
Aaron Miller – Analysis Group
Leane Nasrallah – Cloudmed
Amelia Park – GI Partners
Anuj Patel – Analysis Group
Laura Pierce – Salesforce
Valerie Pitsch – Tribe Dynamics
Kristina Pollak – Salesforce
Maria Rivera – Salesforce
Erin Santy – The RealReal
Amy Schatz – Cloudmed
Juhee Shah – Cloudmed
Malavika Shankar – Masters of Translational Medicine
Wes Tsang – Salesforce

Want to get involved?

Please fill out this form, and our YPAC Chair will get right back to you! If you have questions, please email Karen Banks, Chief  Community Engagement Officer at