Making Family House Wishes Come True

Published on June 28, 2011

Comcast contacted Family House a while back, asking us what they could do to help. So we created an extensive wish list of everything both Houses need to run for about a six month period. The list including things like toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, etc…pretty much all the basic resources an individual needs to live somewhere. 
Comcast took this massive list we gave them and brought it to their employees. Four employees stepped up to oversee the collection of everything. Items were collected throughout Comcast’s offices across northern California, and within a months time Comcast’s employees had collected over 30,000 items. Then they came down and personally delivered all the items in multiple van loads of generosity.   
Comcast helped make it possible for us to house families for six more months. Their kindness is both inspiring and grately appreciated. It is donations like this one that help remind me how amazing the human heart is.
So from all of us here at Family House, Thank you Comcast and all of you employees who took the time to make a donation and make all our wishes come true. It means more then words can ever express, because it means one more family can find comfort and a home here while dealing with some of the hardest battles of their life.