Employee Spotlight: Get to Know Tyler

by Arleen Bandarrae

Published on February 15, 2023

Tyler began his career working at the front desk full-time in 2016. Now, he’s very involved in nearly all aspects of Family House operations.

For families, Tyler is a trusted advocate, who easily develops strong bonds with parents and kids alike. For team members, he’s a go-to leader with an easy-going, can-do attitude.

Tyler is a vegetarian and can often be found grabbing his favorite lunch – a falafel sandwich – from Gyros on Wheels across the street at the Spark Social SF food truck park.

When he’s not working, he packs up his golf clubs and heads out to the golf course with friends. One last fun fact (or two), he has an identical twin brother and was born and raised in the City.

Thank you Tyler for your dedication to making Family House magic happen each and every day!