High School Family House Sweethearts

Published on June 28, 2011

Every week here at Family House we try and plan activities for the Families to distract them from their Hospital Routines. It is only because of our amazing group of volunteers that we are able to do as much as we do for the Families that come here. Without them we would not have been able to grow or help nearly as many families as we have.

We get volunteers of all ages and backgrounds…but one of our most recent Volunteer Days was run by a group of high school students. They came in and made cupcakes and played videos games one afternoon about a week ago. This may not seem like that much but to the kids staying at our 10th Street House in meant the world. It helped them forget about being sick and just be a normal kid again, overloading on sugar and Play Station 2 like all the rest.
This group of High School Students may not know how much their visit meant to us and the families here at Family House… But everytime they show up they open their hearts to these kids and help show us how its the small things that really count in life.